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Supporting young dreams: Sports for Kids Timmins gears up for 2024

In Timmins, Sports for Kids Timmins has been instrumental in making sure that budding athletes from all backgrounds get the opportunity to pursue their passions on the playing field.

In Timmins, Sports for Kids Timmins has been instrumental in making sure that budding athletes from all backgrounds get the opportunity to pursue their passions on the playing field. As the curtains draw on 2023 and we approach a new year, the organization is gearing up for its 2024 registration. Colleen Landers, a key figure within the organization, provided insights into their achievements so far and what to expect in the upcoming year.

Crucial Registration Windows for 2024

Parents and guardians, it's pivotal to be informed of the upcoming registration deadlines:

Activities from January 1 – March 31: Applications must be in by December 15.

Activities from April 1 – August 31: The deadline is March 10th.

Activities from September 1 – December 1: Mark August 10th on your calendars.

Colleen Landers, President of Sports for Kids Timmins, emphasizes the importance of these windows, stating, "Deadlines are more than just dates on a calendar. They're opportunities for a child's future. We urge all families to take note and act promptly."

Behind the Scenes at Sports for Kids Timmins

Landers has often spoken passionately about the organization's mission: "Our heart beats for these children. The joy, discipline, and camaraderie that sports bring are invaluable. Every child in Timmins deserves that experience, and we're here to make it possible."

Sports for Kids Timmins assists children aged 4-18 from low-income families by covering registration and equipment costs, up to $400 per child annually. “This is an increase from $350.00 in previous years due to the generosity of our sponsors this year,” adds Landers, “We have also increased the income thresholds so that families gross income for 1-child is $41,000.,  2-children is $45,000., 3-children is $50,000., and 4 or more is $54,000.”

"The adjudication process ensures fairness and transparency. But parents must remember that they still need to register their child with the sports organization, as the organizations don't hold spots for our applicants."

Making an Impact: Donation Call

Every contribution directly touches young lives. "The sheer magic of watching a child’s face light up when they get the chance to play... there's nothing quite like it," Landers reflects. In 2023 alone, 238 vouchers amounting to $50,980.30 were granted to 158 children, a testament to the organization's dedication.

How to Contribute?

Donors have several ways to pitch in:

  • E-transfers to [email protected].
  • Cheques addressed to Sports for Kids Timmins, Box 732, Timmins, Ont P4N 7G2.
  • For cash donations, a call to 705-268-1112 will facilitate the process.

Landers passionately remarks, "Every dollar, every bit of support, it all comes together to create a wave of positive change. We've seen countless children's lives transformed, and with continued community support, many more will get that chance."

The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Kids

Landers spoke candidly about the lingering impact of the pandemic on children's mental and physical well-being. "COVID has really, really affected children and families. Many children became very inward and never went back to a sport because they just got comfortable by not going out," she shares, emphasizing the vital role that social skills play in a child's development and how organized sports can nurture these skills.

"Our mission statement is there, and it's important to us that every child has the opportunity, no matter what the socioeconomic conditions are, to engage in sport, recreation, and physical activity." Beyond just physical health, participating in sports fosters self-esteem, leadership, goal-setting, and teamwork. "We're hearing some really sad stories. I wish we could help more." Recognizing the critical importance of these activities, Sports for Kids Timmins remains dedicated to ensuring that all children in the community have access to these vital opportunities.

As 2023 winds down, there's no better time to support the budding athletes of Timmins. Whether you contribute financially, volunteer, or help spread the word, you're forging a path for dreams to become reality.