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Spotlight: How technology is simplifying banking, and how you can get comfortable with it

Northern Credit Union’s Digital Days event is coming to celebrate innovations in banking!
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In the not-so-distant past, financial transactions like bill payments and cash withdrawals were made at the hands of a teller. That was the only option, and the time it took to achieve the task at hand hinged on the number of people waiting in line before you.

There were no online banking apps, e-transfers, or automatic bill payments.

Can you imagine?

Our views on convenience have changed

Fast forward to today. In a world made easier by convenience-based e-services such as one-click shopping and ride sharing apps, the process of accessing thousands of services has evolved.

That includes one of the most essential services in the financial realm — banking.

Electronically managing finances and completing transactions remotely through mobile and online banking systems have transformed the financial landscape, not to mention the way people bank.

“More than two-thirds of Canadians now conduct most of their banking digitally, using online and mobile banking.” – Canadian Bankers Association

A more intelligent approach to banking

Technology has had a profound effect on banking and how various banking services are accessed. Loyalty programs, personalized online banking, and remote business solutions provide more efficient ways to manage money while taking advantage of special offers for financial products.

“90% of Canadians believe that banks have been doing a good job of bringing forward innovations in banking.” – Canadian Bankers Association

As financial institutions dive deeper into tech services, more creative incentives beyond a convenient experience are beginning to surface for customers.

Organizations like Northern Credit Union are offering customer incentives through programs like its Northern Promise Loyalty Rewards. Nor thern’s program, along with its Loyalty App, allow you to earn points for everyday banking tasks like opening accounts, making your first mortgage payment, and referring friends or family members.

In return, you can redeem these points for special rates that can translate into more savings. Nice.

This program sits among Northern’s suite of online banking services, personal financial management tools and the credit union’s mobile app.

Staying connected makes for better banking choices

As technology continues to impact banking, it’s become easier for customers to be more informed about finances through online resources like financial literacy blogs and staying connected through social media.

Information on services, rates, investment opportunities, best banking practices and more are accessible online 24/7, so people can conduct their own research and make more informed choices about their finances.

Learn more about how embracing technology can simplify your banking

During the months of July and August, Northern Credit Union will be holding Digital Days events at each of its branches.

Digital Days offer a casual atmosphere where you can drop in and learn about all of the online tools available to simplify your everyday banking duties.

Men’s Olympic Goal Medal curling champs, Team Jacobs, will be participating at different branch locations.

Plus, you can earn 50 Northern Promise Loyalty Rewards points for attending.


PS: If you’re a Northern member and you don’t have the app, you can download it at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. PPS: It’s FREE!

For more information on Digital Days events or to stay up-to-date on the latest rates, tools and banking trends, follow Northern Credit Union on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.