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Refresh your outdoor space with durability and design

Create an extension of the home with the right ambiance for relaxation or hosting

The essence of a welcoming outdoor space lies in its design and materials.

At Diggs & Dwellings in Sudbury, Ontario, we understand this balance. “Our approach transforms outdoor areas into seamless extensions of the home, designed for both entertainment and relaxation, with durability in mind,” says Bobi Liinamaa of Diggs & Dwellings. 

The longevity of an outdoor setup hinges on the materials selected – and on merging durability with aesthetic appeal. “Key materials like teak, renowned for its resilience and graceful aging, and wrought iron, valued for its robustness and intricate patterns, are key players when contemplating your outdoor space,” adds Liinamaa, “HDPE [High-Density Polyethylene] emerges as a contemporary hero, boasting unmatched resistance to weathering while championing environmental sustainability.”

Crafting Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Continuity

The art of extending indoor comfort to your outdoor spaces lies in the thoughtful curation of furniture and accents.

Choosing pieces that reflect the interior style ensures a harmonious flow, while selecting fabrics that withstand the elements brings longevity and vibrancy to outdoor living areas. “Strategic lighting arrangements and the inclusion of warming elements like fire pits invite usage of these spaces well into those cooler evenings. The idea is to create an ambiance of warmth and welcome, whether you’re enjoying time alone or entertaining friends,” says Liinamaa.

Functionality and flexibility dictate the selection of outdoor furnishings. Whether hosting a dinner party under the stars or enjoying a quiet afternoon in solitude, the arrangement and choice of furniture can accommodate every occasion. The integration of durable dining sets and comfortable seating options, alongside versatile pieces like extendable tables and stackable chairs, allows for adaptability to guest numbers and activity types.

Adding The Final Touch in Outdoor Ambiance

Personal touches through accessories can breathe extra life into outdoor settings. Weather-resistant rugs anchor seating areas, while decorative elements such as lanterns and outdoor artworks inject personality. The thoughtful placement of greenery, from potted plants to landscaped gardens, adds a natural contrast to the structural elements, enriching the sensory experience of the space.

At Diggs & Dwellings, the vision for outdoor spaces is about enduring materials and creating areas that reflect personal style and enhance home enjoyment. By prioritizing both function and form, outdoor areas become cherished extensions of the indoor living environment, ready to host any gathering or moment of solitude.

For those looking to elevate their outdoor living experience as Spring finally arrives, a visit to Diggs & Dwellings at 1326 Kingsway Blvd. in Sudbury offers a pathway to discovering how durable materials and thoughtful design can transform any outdoor space into an inviting, year-round haven for entertainment and relaxation.  Or you can conveniently shop online here.