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Here's what sets credit unions apart from traditional big banks

Everyone does better when local financial institutions work to improve the lives of the people living and working in our communities

Do you have concerns about whether your bank is meeting your needs?

Have you considered taking your money elsewhere, but don’t know where to look? It could be time to think about switching to a credit union! Institutions like YNCU are committed to improving the lives of the people living and working in our communities, helping to boost everyone’s financial health.

Here are some ways credit unions set themselves apart from the big banks:

Credit union owners are members

When you join a credit union, you join it as an owner. The credit union team works hard to make your financial goals a reality, manage your money and make decisions with you in mind. A credit union will look at the whole picture and build long-lasting relationships with members. These relationships will guide everything they do, so you can meet your goals.

As a member, you receive profit

​​​The credit union’s cooperative model helps Canadians hold onto their money, returning profits to members in a variety of ways, including annual dividends. The focus is always on making sure your needs are met. Credit unions have some of the best rates and deposit protection in the industry.

Community connection

Credit unions put the well-being of their members, their communities and their local economies ahead of everything else. While banks are just trying to hit their bottom line, credit unions are making their cities, their province, their country, and their world a better place to live. Credit unions were specifically designed to meet the needs of their members and communities.

Credit unions find ways to share their wealth with valuable community organizations through donations, grants, scholarships, and volunteer initiatives.

They also build partnerships and provide financial literacy within their communities to further improve their collective prosperity and understanding of how to spend and save their money effectively. Everyone benefits when our communities are financially literate and healthy.

Elite customer service

Credit unions put their members first. They have a long-standing tradition of out-performing the customer service provided by big banks. This comes from their commitment to investing where their members live and work.  Credit unions are always there to help their members, letting them know their money is in good hands.

Are you ready to make the switch to a credit union?

Come meet with one of YNCU’s experienced financial advisors to learn more about becoming a member and putting your needs first. Become a member online!

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Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU), including all affiliated brands, is a licensed credit union operating in, and under the laws of, the province of Ontario. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO) provides insurance coverage for our member’s deposits.


With 17 branches and a network of surcharge-free ATMs, Ontarians can access financial services close to home across southwestern and northern Ontario. At $2 billion+ in assets under administration and 53,000 members strong (and growing!), YNCU is one of the largest credit unions in Ontario. As a community-based organization, not only do YNCU’s partnerships and investments make a difference, its employees live and work in the communities they serve. YNCU’s foundation is built on connectedness to the communities where it operates. Yearly the organization sets aside a minimum of 1% of the pre-tax profit earned by the credit union in the previous fiscal year to be used for charitable organizations and associations that share its focus on improving our communities. Together with its members, employees and community partners, YNCU is helping to make life better in the places Ontarians live, work, learn and play!

Visit YNCU on their website, LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.