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Five charged for breaking COVID protocols

2020-08-20 Timmins Police Cruiser

The Timmins Police has charged five adult persons for breaching the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act stemming from a RIDE spot check undertaken locally during the late evening hours of Saturday, April 17.

While conducting RIDE spot checks on Highway 101 near the intersection of Highway 655, Timmins Police officers had occasion to stop a passenger vehicle with five unrelated adult occupants, each from separate addresses in the Brantford area.

It was determined that each of the occupants was in breach of COVID protocols defined under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).

Each occupant of the vehicle was served with a Provincial Offence Notice outlining their offence as described under the EMCPA, O. Reg 11/21, section 7.0.11(1).

This offence carries a fine of $880 upon conviction or indicated plea of guilt.

This is the first instance where the Timmins Police Service has found it necessary to lay formal charges as the offence in question was an overt and intentional violation of the applicable statute.

The educational stance and liberal use of discretion originally adopted by the Timmins Police has come and gone, especially in light of recent distressing numbers related to COVID positivity.

The necessity for Timmins Police officers to adopt a firmer approach when confronting such violations is deemed appropriate so that officers can better protect people from their own lack of good judgement and the indulgence in unsafe behaviours.

That said, the Timmins Police Service is hopeful that residents will continue to police themselves responsibly and to adhere completely with the restrictions imposed to the benefit of their own situation and that of their family members.

This is a public health issue that demands strict adherence. The responsibility to ensure compliance falls on local law enforcement: Timmins Police and City of Timmins By-law Enforcement.