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72-year-old assaulted during altercation: police

A 58-year-old from Schumacher is facing multiple charges
2020-08-20 Timmins Police Cruiser

The Timmins Police Service has investigated an incident that has led to the arrest of a Schumacher man on Sunday, Oct. 2.

The Timmins Police Service investigated an occurrence where an argument took place between two men at a Croatia Street address during the afternoon hours of Saturday, Oct. 1, which escalated to the point that a threat was uttered and an assault was committed upon a 72-year-old man.

The investigation was completed by the Timmins Police Service.

The suspect was located and arrested by the Timmins Police Service at the Croatia Street address.

Upon arrest, ammunition was found on the suspect’s person.

As a result, Guy Lauzon, 58, of Schumacher has been charged with: 

  • Assault contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada 
  • Utter Threats contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada 
  • Possess Ammunition contrary to a Prohibition Order contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada

The accused remains in police custody for the purposes of a bail hearing slated for today at the Ontario Court of Justice in Timmins to answer to the charge laid against him.