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Timmins Police take aim at commercial vehicles on Riverside Drive

Loading, unloading vehicles at car dealerships deemed unsafe by Timmins Police
2017-11-03 Timmins Police Building2 MH
The Timmins Police Service building downtown Timmins. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section is aware of a traffic hazard situation which is occurring on an ongoing basis on Riverside Drive in Timmins.

The issue surrounds operators of fleet commercial motor vehicles on Riverside Drive who are commonly indulging in the unsafe practice of loading and unloading passenger vehicles at car dealerships along this stretch of roadway.

These operators are effectively parked at or near any car dealership located on Riverside Drive to complete the unloading process.

Commonly, these tractor trailer operators make use of the regular travel lanes of Riverside Drive or the turning lane to accomplish the process of offloading new motor vehicles being delivered to the dealerships.

This practice is deemed to be unsafe by the Timmins Police Service as it causes unexpected hazards and results in unnecessary traffic congestion in these areas.

There are a number of other avenues available to accomplish this purpose without interfering with traffic on one of the city’s main thoroughfares, not the least of which would be to make proper use of the dealer parking lots.

Practices that place convenience ahead of public safety will be addressed by the Timmins Police Service. Warnings are no longer deemed to be a viable or reasonable prospect of addressing this issue.

Highway Traffic Act, section 170(12), clearly identifies this practice as a violation as this procedure effectively interferes with traffic. Operators found to be in violation of this section will be charged accordingly.