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Staff suggest benches instead of fencing at Hollinger Park

Four benches estimated to cost just under $10K
2017-01-06 Hollinger Park MH
Hollinger Park in Timmins. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

Benches could be the answer to safety concerns at Hollinger Park.

Earlier this month, Timmins council asked staff to look into installing fencing between the splash pad at Hollinger Park and Algonquin Boulevard.

The item is on the agenda for the Nov. 19 council meeting. 

A report from director of community and development services Mark Jensen recommends installing decorative benches instead of a fence as it would provide seating for park users and deter children from accessing the nearby road.

The four benches would be located north of the path to the splash pad.

According to Jensen's report, 120 feet of four-foot-high fencing would range from $3,900 for chain link to $13,500 for ornamental fencing. The estimated cost to surround the splash pad with fencing is $7,800 to $27,000. For four, 12-foot by four-foot benches, the cost to acquire and install is pegged at $9,600.

The report notes that Hollinger Park is a "regional open space jewel".

"Staff feel strongly that installing fencing within this open space will distract from the open space character of the park," it reads. 

The splash pad, according to the report, is 282 feet from Algonquin Boulevard, with the nearby play structure being 266 from Brunette Road.

"To staff's knowledge there have been no incidents involving children being injured as the result of running from either of these popular recreational structures onto these nearby municipal roadways," reads the report.

Questions about fencing to accommodate snowmobiles are also addressed in the report. 

It notes that temporary snow fencing is installed at the park during the winter months.

"The snowmobile club historically provided the fencing and its annual install/removal. In recent years the city has assumed these responsibilities. This fencing is installed annually in order to prevent snowmobiles from running in an uncontrolled manner through the park. This is particularly important when the city is hosting winter programming at this location," according to the report. 

Timmins council meets at 6 p.m. Nov. 19 in council chambers. The full report on Hollinger Park is available here

Maija Hoggett

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