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Moosonee man $75K richer

The ticket was a random decision for the 45-year-old, who plans to share the windfall with family and buy a fishing boat
2022-07-06 Moosonee lotto winner SUP
Moosonee's Bruce Koostachin won $75,000 on an instant Twisted Treasures ticket.

A spur-of-the-moment decision led to a big win for a Moosonee man. 

Bruce Koostachin is $75,000 richer after taking the top prize on an Instant Twister Treasures ticket. 

He plans to share the windfall with his family, travel and buy a fishing boat. 

"I'm so happy. This feels good," he said in an OLG news release.

The 45-year-old bought the winning ticket at Two Bay Enterprizes on Ferguson Road in Moosonee. A regular lottery player, he usually enjoys Pick games, Daily Grand and Lotto Max.

"This ticket was a random selection at the store. This is my first big win," he said.

When Koostachin saw the big winner screen at the store he tried to keep his cool.

"I went to check it at another store to be sure," he said. “I had to show my mom. I knew something like this would make her day. I handed her the ticket so she can check it herself and her eyes went wide!"