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Mayor's seat declared vacant, here's what happens next

Council expected to appoint someone to the position in August
2018-05-07 Timmins City Hall MH
Timmins City Hall. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

The Timmins mayor's seat has been declared vacant and the city has a plan on how to fill it.

On June 2, former mayor George Pirie was elected as the new MPP for Timmins. Now that the election results have been confirmed and posted in the Ontario Gazette, council declared the seat vacant at its meeting tonight (June 21). The city now has 60 days to fill the vacancy.

At the Aug. 9 meeting, council is expected to appoint a person to fill the vacancy. 

Clerk Steph Palmateer said the intent is to appoint someone currently on council to the position, though that has not been decided by the group yet. This option would mean that the vacant councillor seat wouldn't need to be filled because it's within 90 days of the municipal election.

In Timmins, when the mayor is away the deputy mayor chairs meetings and fulfills the duties at community events.

A deputy mayor is not elected here, however, a schedule determined at the start of the term has each councillor taking a turn in the position. Coun. Kristin Murray started her time as deputy mayor on June 1.

Under the Municipal Act, when there's a vacancy at the council table, the municipality has 60 days to appoint someone to fill the position or call a byelection.

Holding a byelection isn't an option with the mayor's seat right now as the Municipal Elections Act doesn't allow for one after March 31 in an election year.