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Mayor meets with Peruvian delegates. Mining comes up

This was the second group GIDT has brought to the City of Timmins to learn how mining can co-exist with communities
Peru Delegates
Members of the Global Indigenous Trust and delegates from six communities in Peru met with the TEDC and Mayor Steve Black. Jennifer Massie for TimminsToday

Last night members of the Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) and Mayor Steve Black met with members of the Global Indigenous Trust (GIDT) and 10 delegates from 6 different communities of Peru in hopes to sharing information and working to create a partnership. 

This partnership will be geared toward supporting economic development and governance, between the Global Indigenous Trust (GIDT) and the Country of Peru.  

This was the second group GIDT has brought to the City of Timmins to learn how mining can co-exist with communities. 

The group of delegates consisted mainly of mayors and presidents of communities which toured various facilities during their visit, and meeting with community First Nations Elders.

Educational tours and meetings were focused on creating partnerships between industry and Indigenous communities, community development and environmental stewardship.  

Local businesses such as Gold Corp, and The Bucket Shop also had the opportunity to meet with the delegates in order to create possible economic partnerships.  

Sonia Molodesky who is the Co-founder and President of GIDT and Jerry Asp who is the Co-Founder of GIDT & Chair of the Board Former Chief Tahltan Nation were also on hand to meet the delegates with Mayor Black and members of TEDC. 

Molodesky stated that the delegates had the opportunity to tour various businesses including The Bucket Shop and Gold Corp. She said that the delegates are enjoying their time in Timmins, and have more questions than there is time to answer. 

Mayor Black stated “Anytime we have a chance to partner and educate other communities and partners with our industrial and educational partners is a great opportunity for us to assist in branching out other communities around the world.” 

Mayor Black said he believes this is will assist the communities in developing their business models and that Timmins has a lot to offer on the world stage when it comes to sustainable mining. 

Mayor Black stated “Timmins is a world leader, definitely a Canadian Leader in the mining industry and any time we have the chance to share knowledge we should do so. We are always looking to improve business in Timmins, and this is a great way to do that”.

The evening concluded with discussion between the Mayor, TEDC, GIDT and the delegates.