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Local student chosen to participate in SHAD summer program

This year the SHAD program received 2,600 applications from 696 high schools
Mya 2019
Supplied photo of Mya Dolanjski

Mya Dolanjski is going to SHAD 2019 this summer! This is the first time a student from O'Gorman High School has applied to the SHAD program in the last five years and been chosen.
Every summer, 1,000 students from across Canada spend 27-days at a Canadian university and engage in lectures, workshops, labs and hands-on learning.  SHAD is a premier live-in summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) and entrepreneurship program.
SHAD participants are naturally driven to make an impact on the world. Each year the program carefully formulates a design project that asks participants to solve a social problem using STEAM principles and applications. Mya will work with a diverse team to innovate a real-world solution.

The excitement and transformation that occurs during the 27-days is remarkable.  It is hoped that Mya will have the chance to share some of her experiences with O'Gorman High School students and the Board of Trustees in the fall, upon her return from SHAD 2019.  

This year the SHAD program received 2,600 applications from 696 high schools. The volume of applicants speaks to the continuous interest and excitement that SHAD is creating around the country.   

The entire O’Gorman High School family would like to congratulate Mya Dolanjski on being chosen for the SHAD 2019 summer program.