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Fire truck donation boosts College Boreal program

Glencore Kidd made the donation this week
2020-02-13 College Boreal KIDD sup
Glencore Kidd Operations donates a fire truck to College Boreal Timmins. Supplied photo

Glencore Kidd Operations replaces their fire truck and donates their previous unit to Collège Boréal. The students enrolled at Collège Boréal’s Truck & Coach Technician and Apprentice programs at the Timmins Campus will now be able to practice an assortment of repair and maintenance techniques for working on fire trucks.

Michelle Boileau, Postsecondary Programs Manager at Collège Boréal mentioned that the Kidd Operations’ donation of their fire truck will benefit the campus by “allowing students to perform diagnostic testing on the systems and components and to learn how to disassemble and reassemble the different parts. It will also provide variety in the kind of trucks they work with, allowing for comparative studies between transport trucks and fire trucks.”

Guy Lamb, Site Safety and Emergency Response Coordinator at Glencore Kidd Operations said, “The fire truck served as an important training tool at the Metallurgical Site and provided Glencore Kidd Operations with first response capabilities. Although the fire truck is starting to show its age it will continue to be a great tool for teaching and an asset to the college programs.” Glencore Kidd Operations is excited for all the learning opportunities this fire truck will bring to the students of Collège Boréal. This is an in-kind donation made through Glencore Kidd Operations’ Community Partnership Program. The total value of the in-kind donation is roughly $7,500."

In addition, Glencore Kidd Operations contributes a financial cash donation annually to La Fondation Boréal for the distribution of bursary awards to graduating Trades and Applied Technology students to celebrate their academic success and promote our local operations as an excellent place to work. Glencore Kidd Operations has donated over $11,000 in bursary awards over the past eight years. 

The Community Partnership Program goes beyond traditional charitable corporate donations and strives towards creating a meaningful and lasting positive impact within the community. The Community Partnership Program funds a lot of local programs and projects; however, the program also includes non-financial contributions like in-kind donations of equipment, time, and services. For more information about the Community Partnership Program, visit the Glencore Kidd Operations website at