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Crematorium could be built at Timmins cemetery

A piece of the property has been declared surplus to allow for the facility
2018-05-07 Timmins City Hall2 MH
Timmins City Hall. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

Timmins could be getting its first crematorium.

Council has declared a portion of the Timmins Memorial Cemetery property as surplus to directly sell to Elmwood Crematorium to build and operate a crematorium. 

Timmins clerk Steph Palmateer said the area is at the back of the property near the forested area, and just off the hydro easement.

"So it’s located in a way that will provide minimal impact to anybody because it’s not near or close to any of the residential areas,” he said. 

Last year, council supported Lessard-Stephens Funeral Home's proposal to establish and run a crematorium on Elm Street South. 

While Palmateer told council they went through the process, he said the deal didn't come to fruition.

Elmwood Crematorium is a partnership between Lessard-Stephens and Miron Wilson Funeral Home.

Council had some questions about road access to the area.

The roadways in the cemetery, said Palmateer, are already kept open through the winter. 

The property zoning allows for a crematorium, however it is not serviced.

The suggested price for the lot in the staff report is $19,125, which is 85 cents per square foot. 

According to the staff report, the operators are responsible for the survey, legal and transfer costs associated with the sale. 

Maija Hoggett

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