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Airport roof receiving $162K worth of repairs

Work is deemed 'an immediate requirement'
Timmins Airport from tarmac
A portion of the roof of the Victor M. Power Airport is undergoing urgent repairs. Andrew Autio for TImminsToday

Hoping to prevent further damage to a vital piece of infrastructure before winter sets in, work is being fast-tracked at the Victor M. Power Airport.

City council unanimously approved a $162,500+HST contract to Provost Roofing for a new roofing membrane on the second floor of the terminal building.

The tender indicated that the work would commence in the spring of 2018, but due to the risk associated with delaying the work, the contractor agreed to do the work this fall. 

According to a city report, the second floor roof has been showing signs of deterioration for the last few years. Roof leaks have become too common for comfort, especially when some of the leaks are occurring in office areas with computer equipment. Recent precipitation events have made the replacement of the roof membrane an 'immediate requirement.' 

A NAV Canada flight service station on site is where advisories for three airports are conducted. Equipment damage due to roof leaks could interrupt this service and potentially expose the airport to liability for equipment replacement.

A roof assessment was completed in September of 2016 which included thermographic imaging. A number of areas showed signs of being compromised and short term fixes were performed, but these short term repairs were not effective in some areas of the building.

The only other tender received by the city for the work was worth $209,000+HST.