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Adrian Sutherland releases new single from upcoming debut solo album

The new song is called Right Here
2021-06-17 Adrian Sutherland
Adrian Sutherland is preparing to release his debut solo album in September 2021.

The idea for Adrian Sutherland's new single, which he started writing a few years ago, came from the thought of losing someone you love.

Thursday, Attawapiskat singer and Midnight Shine founder released Right Here, a new single from his upcoming debut solo album.

“It’s really about being there for the people that you love and them being there for you, especially when you go through some hardships or some challenges in life,” Sutherland said.

His favourite part from working on the single was doing vocals from his own studio in Attawapiskat. Sutherland said he had to rush to record the vocals before he headed out to his hunting camp in April.

It was one of the songs that took more effort to get done but it ended up “really nice and catchy,” he said.

Right Here was also written by Tim Vesely and Colin Cripps. The song was produced and engineered by Vesely, who plays acoustic guitar and bass on the track, at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto. Lyle Molzan is on drums with Cripps playing the electric guitar. The song was mastered by João Carvalho and the artwork was created by Nick Perreault.

The photo for the single's artwork was taken by Sutherland’s wife when they were in the bush back in May.

"That's me if you haven't seen me outside of music, I usually look pretty rough," Sutherland said laughing.

There will be a music video for Right Here soon, according to Sutherland.

Before Sutherland constructed his own recording studio in a metal shipping container located on his property, he used to do a lot of demos at home or travel to other cities to record. This spring, he was able to start working remotely with producers and musicians from his “sea-can studio.”

Part of the sea-can is used to store equipment for community programs, the other half is his studio.

The biggest challenge was getting materials, which were costly, and equipment to Attawapiskat, a remote northern community on James Bay. Three carpenters and an electrician helped Sutherland create a studio last November where he can now record professional-quality sound.

He said he’s pretty lucky to be able to have a studio and he doesn’t know what he would've done over the winter without a space to create music.

“It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s fully powered. It’s got electric heat, it’s got lighting. I have the recording equipment. I have guitars up here, drum kits, amps, keyboards. Pretty much everything I need to make music.”

Two more singles from his upcoming album will be out in the summer and closer to the fall before the album’s expected release on Sept. 17.

The new album, comprised of 11 songs, will show a different side of Sutherland that not everyone gets to see. Sutherland said he’s really excited about the album and the collaborations he’s had for it.

When he listens to the album, front to back, it brings enjoyment to him.

“I couldn’t ask for a better way to how the songs turned out,” Sutherland said. “Each song has something special about it."

Sutherland has also been working on his first book. The memoir is slated to hit the shelves in spring 2022.

The work on the book has been going very well and is in “full motion.” His priority is to write every day and ensure he has at least four or five hours to work on the book, he said.

“I’m hoping to deliver the manuscript before the end of summer and we’re looking at that spring release. It’s coming along nicely, I couldn’t be happier," he said. "I’m pretty excited being able to talk about some of the things I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time and share with people.”

Listen to Right Here below:

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