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Letter: 'Totally insane and irresponsible' to drive a transport while impaired

In the wake of several CMV drivers being charged, a TimminsToday reader has some suggestions
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TimminsToday received the following letter about impaired driving charges laid against commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers:

I must say for someone to be operating a large piece of metal on our highways while being impaired, is totally insane and irresponsible.

Within the past few years, all we have been hearing through the media is the number of transport mishaps on Highway 11/17, caused by inexperienced drivers or poor weather conditions. The last thing needed to be added to this equation is to hear that the operators were impaired by alcohol or drugs. When I hear of this, I say to myself "this is drinking or ingesting drugs on the job", which is totally unacceptable in the workforce. 

It was reported through the media in March/April 2024 that two CMV operators, ages 25/54, were charged for being impaired while in operation. What were these operators thinking? Do they not realize that this operation of a CMV is their "bread and butter"? Not only can they create injury to themselves but also to those of us who are travelling these highways at the same time.

I have some points that I am sure others will agree and support:

  • The employer should terminate the operator( bad for company name).
  • If the operator is the sole owner of the CMV, he/she should be banned from ever operating a unit again.
  • The operator should be omitted from being employed by another employer.
  • Insurance for the accused should not even be a consideration.

My thoughts apply to several jobs that deal with people and operating conditions and they are aircraft pilots, school bus drivers, tour bus drivers, captain of ships (cruise/cargo), train operators(freight/commuters) just to name a few. If these operators were impaired, what would the consequences be for them?

In the case of April 2024, thankfully one concerned citizen called the OPP about the incident at hand, thus preventing highway users from being injured. The OPP are doing their best to pull over these transports that may be threatening the lives of highway commuters but on the other hand, government and municipal officials should be aggressively acting on the prevention for "Safe Driving on our highways".

Thank you,

Gary Kader,