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LETTER: Reader questions why heavy trucks don't bypass downtown all year

While he's impressed with work on the Connecting Link, he has mixed feelings on how the newly paved sections will take the wear and tear
Algonquin Boulevard reopened to traffic earlier this month.

I am very impressed with the work done thus far on the phases of the Connecting Link, but I have mixed feelings as to how the newly paved sections will look in 10 years from now.

I do not understand why trucking companies (not all) would not want to continue using the bypass route thus avoiding all 14 traffic lights. If the trucking company employees are paid by the load or hourly, I think solely that the bypass route is the best route time-wise.

What power do the mayor and council have in making it mandatory for truckers to use the bypass route?

In closing, I was at a local restaurant in the east end of the city and during my stay (30-40 minutes), I counted 25 trucks (ore/and a few logging), pass by — there were even two or three back-to-back.

As for myself, I know there will be damage to the pavement and hope that other users think the same way!

Gary Kader,