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LETTER: Hockey camp column brings back memories for stateside reader

Reading about Allan Stanley's Beehive Hockey Camp brings memorable times on the ice
2022 03 07 hockey-ice-rink-zamboni-pexels-tony-schnagl-6468601

I wanted to thank Mike for the memories from August 2023 article about Allan Stanley’s Beehive Hockey Camp.

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As a “yank” I was very fortunate to also go to Fenlon Falls, Ont., to the camp in I believe 1971! I learned a hell of a lot there. Unbelievably, instructors that I remember were both Gary Unger and Dennis Hull. Somehow, I was selected to play with a group of the better players (Canadian kids mostly in Juniors)! Hull and Unger really had fun with us. I had been the opposing team's stick boy with the Rochester Americans AHL club for a time and scored an American’s jersey which I wore at camp. Hull started calling me Rochey which morphed into Rocky. I’ll never forget him showing up in an inter-squad game as coach for our team in a full white suit! As I recall he was actually a pretty sarcastic, funny guy.

Somehow, they even had me suit up as a goalie for a little bit to learn how a goalie feels. I don’t recall which guy it was but one of them would call out a corner as he fired shots past me!

My last memory worthy of note is that while as a “yank” I did get picked on a little, I was still one up on the scale from being a “Neufie”.

Great memories!

Wish there were cell phones with cameras back then as I would love to have pictures to back up those old memories.

Thanks again,

Gary Lundgren,
Saco, Maine