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LETTER: Grand plans for a Porcupine hotel still alive

Group continues to share its vision in hopes of attracting investors
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TimminsToday received this letter from Carol Tanguay providing an update on the vision for the Porcupine Grand Phoenix Hotel. The original article from March 2023 is available here

It has been one year since an article was posted on TimminsToday in regard to a “vision” for a Porcupine Grand Phoenix Hotel in Porcupine, Ontario – Ward 4 in the City of Timmins. We started with a big vision knowing that this would evolve. Our main focus today is on the hotel component.

The City of Timmins has a total of 1,300 beds. The youth curling competition, for example, filled 1,000 of those beds. There are occasions when there is no hotel availability in the city. Guests/tourists, etc., are required to drive one hour away to Cochrane to sleep, passing through Porcupine, one of the main gateways to the city’s downtown core. With the new train station scheduled to open in 2026, a hotel with a restaurant would be needed and would be a welcomed addition to the community.

The project is very much alive with ongoing discussions with various stakeholders. We have been working hard to share a “vision” with potential investors and developers who may be interested in investing in our community and building the Porcupine Grand Phoenix Hotel. There are three potential properties in the community — each with its pros and cons. The actual location for a hotel would be determined by the investors.

As you may appreciate, projects can take time and are not quick or easy. We are doing our best to share a “vision” in the hopes of finding community-minded investors. Today’s investors want to invest in businesses that support local communities, which benefit the environment and follow a high level of ethical and sustainable values.

The proposed name, Porcupine Grand Phoenix Hotel, reflects the history of our community.  In 1911, after the Great Fire, it has been said that residents rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and rebuilt. For those who may not be aware, a statue entitled The Phoenix and a plaque from one of Canada’s leading sculptors, Gus Galbraith, can be found on display at city hall.  

As we have been saying since the beginning of this project, if we do not try then we will not succeed. In the end, should we exhaust all avenues and fail, at least we can say that we gave it our very best. Not all communities are alike and residents are the backbone of our community. This “vision” for the Porcupine Grand Phoenix Hotel has the community in mind and incorporates residents as well as those who visit.

We wish to thank all of those who are supporting this project. The signatures and letters of support are proof that the Porcupine Grand Phoenix will be a success. There are no promises. This project has been transparent in order not to raise high expectations. To date, we have a potential investor and are continuing to do outreach to build a team of investors in order for our “vision” to become reality.

Interested hoteliers, investors or developers may wish to contact us via messenger on Voices of Porcupine Facebook page for additional information.

Carol Tanguay
Porcupine, Ontario