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Teams lining up exciting season of hockey for local fans

Plus, here's Mully's take on the World Track and Field Championship, the Little League World Series, and more
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Seemingly lost in the media frenzy of the Matthews signing, was a banner time for Canadian athletes at the World Track and Field Championships.

Canada finished tied with Spain for second in the gold medal count behind the U.S.

They would finish sixth in total for medals.

Bringing home gold were hammer throwers Ethan Katzberg and Camryn Rogers.

Marco Arop took gold in the 800 metres, while Pierce Lepage claimed decathlon gold.

Sara Mitton won silver in the shot put and Damian Warner with siilver in the Decathlon closed out the medals for Canada.

The 100 metres always attracts the glitter, but the gruelling decathlon is the grail.

A 1-2 finish for Canada cemented the country's claim to having the two best all-round track and field athletes in the world.

A total of over 2,000 athletes in 49 events were on display in Budapest.

Man, does Little League know how to put on a show. The annual World Series in Williamsport is an epic event.

With an MLB game amidst the kid's games and Major Leaguers doing everything from cardboard sliding with the kids, to mingling with fans and providing commentary, the championships never fail to provide memorable experiences on and off the field.

The games are super enjoyable and the final won by U.S.A West (California) was classic. A walk-off homer to win the LL World Series (as well as an earlier grand slam by Curacao to tie the game) was as exciting a ball game to watch as ever.

With John Herdman heading to Toronto FC, soccer in Canada is in the midst of a big change. The Men's national team must now begin the search for a new coach and Herdman takes on the unenviable task of trying to rebuild the floundering MLS squad.

FC has not seen the glory days of elite soccer for some time. Herdman should be the key to achieving a turnaround.

The Majors and Rock are both in full swing for a new season. although rosters are not yet entrenched the Rock dropped a nail-biting 5-4 shootout loss to Carleton Place at the annual Cottage Cup. The Rock have two games today (Tuesday, Aug. 29) to get back to their winning ways.

The Majors have yet to play a game, but the U18 squad has inked 17 players to date while the U15 version has about 10 players signed.

All three squads should provide another exciting season of action for local fans.

Later skater.

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