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Storm post impressive numbers for first home games

Plus, Mully shares his hopes for the Jays putting together a win streak and sneaking into the playoffs

In a week's time we'll know whether the Blue Jays have made or missed the playoffs. Like a lot of people I am still amazed they are still struggling to find cohesiveness this late in the season. Since early June the Jays have been shut out more than any other team in baseball. Despite one of the best pitching staffs in the league, their bats have let them down far too often. That's hard to swallow when you see the potential for hitting success in the lineup. I keep hoping they put together a streak, sneak into the playoffs, get hot and make a deep run in the playoffs.

Sport is full of teams like the Jays where you just don't understand why they are underachieving.  They have the talent but struggle with consistency and focus. Is it a mental thing?

Is the mix not fluid? Are they lacking in confidence? All the while experts and fans of the teams are confounded as to why they are not doing better. They are essentially good teams not quite able or willing to be among the best.

Nice to see the Iroquois Falls Storm have at least 600 fans for their first three home games. Impressive numbers for a small community. 

The Storm are 3-3 sitting at .500 in the NOJHL's eastern conference. A conference that, while it's early, finds Hearst, Timmins and Kirkland Lake also at .500. Powassan leads the division but is in striking distance of the trailers.

You watch any kid's games where one team is getting blown out and you can't help but feel terrible for them.

That's usually. not the case at the pro level. But I have to admit watching the Denver Broncos get lit up for 70 points by Miami, left me queasy. That's 10 touchdowns they gave up. Pros or not it was still tough to watch.

It will be a long time before we see 70 points by one team in the NFL again.

A little earlier I mentioned confidence. That's a trait that can be infectious on a team. A confident coaching staff filters into the top players. The top players sensing that confidence develop a level of trust in leadership. The coach's confidence in their top players emboldens and invigorates said players as a result. The rest of the team finds confidence as a result of their teammates and it is reflected in their play thus infusing the confidence of the coaches in regards to those players.

A confident (but not cocky), hard-working, disciplined and cohesive team is the toughest opponent. you can face.

I'm confident you get my point

Later skater.

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