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Long-term disability claims and appeals: What you need to know if you live in Northern Ontario

Personal injury lawyers Girones Bourdon Kelly will help you to know your rights

Long-term disability insurance is a safety net for people who have become injured or disabled to the point they are unable to return to work.

The personal injury lawyers at Girones Bourdon Kelly Lawyers (GBK Lawyers) in Timmins said, “If you have a serious disability or medical condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for long-term disability benefits.”.

What if your claim has been denied?

You’ve received a letter from your insurance company in the mail which includes an invitation to appeal their denial of your claim. GBK Lawyers advise, “Once you’ve received a denial letter, your next step should be to contact a lawyer immediately.”

One of the most common reasons insurance companies give in denying a long-term disability claim is “insufficient medical evidence.” GBK Lawyers said, “Our team of lawyers is well experienced and equipped to gather relevant medical reports. We know the doctors and other medical practitioners in our community. We know what questions to ask and what medical records the injured party needs to support their long-term disability claim.”

The law firm will assist the client on a contingency basis and advance the funds to obtain the necessary medical records. A client will not have to pay unless they win. A medical report with better medical evidence could mean the difference between a successful appeal and another denial.

Contact a lawyer before you make a claim

Once you decide to make a claim for long-term disability benefits, contact a lawyer.

The application process can be confusing and cumbersome. There is paperwork to complete and deadlines to meet. If a claimant is a union member, the terms of their collective agreement must also be considered. GBK Lawyers said, “That’s why the first thing people should do is contact our office. We can assist with the application and explain the process to them.”

Also, insurance companies are notorious for using misleading language to discourage people from making a claim for benefits. GBK Lawyers said, “As personal injury lawyers, we are not fooled by deceptive tactics used by insurance companies, and if you are eligible, we will fight for the long-term disability benefits you deserve.”

Challenges of life in Northern Ontario

The lawyers at Girones Bourdon Kelly certainly understand the challenges faced by Northern Ontario residents. They said, “We know the difficulties people experience because we live and work in Northern Ontario.”

Take the mining industry as an example. Miners work in tough conditions, labouring underground in dark spaces for long hours away from family, which can be emotionally exhausting. Elevated levels of psychological distress are not uncommon among Northern Ontario miners.

Round-the-clock shift schedules often result in sleep deprivation which can worsen anxiety and depression. Shift workers in Northern Ontario experiencing psychological burnout such as employees in our overworked, understaffed health care system, don’t have the resources that are available in larger cities.

For some who can no longer cope, filing a long-term disability claim may be their only option.

Closer to home

Girones Bourdon Kelly Lawyers will travel to clients across Northern Ontario, from Cochrane to Parry Sound. They are centrally located between the James Bay coast and the North Bay corridor.

Their legal team is available to answer questions, clarify issues and has extensive experience with disability claims. GBK Lawyers added, “Clients can be reassured that they will have the ability to meet their lawyers in person.”

Contact Jennifer Kelly at (800) 569-1673 or visit them online here.