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Timmins author highlights the importance of faith during times of adversity

Danny Girard shares the importance of faith, focus and finding inspiration for the soul

“It’s important to have faith and to have spiritual rituals,” says local author Danny Girard whose Thought For Today blog has thousands of daily subscribers and continues to grow. “When adversities strike, it’s faith, persistence and spirituality that save us. Even when things are going right, you never know when you’ll need your faith,” says Girard.

By “faith,” Girard emphasizes that it doesn’t mean organized religion. To Girard, faith can be a higher power that dwells inside each of us. Some may call it energy or a soul. “Faith is the motivation we need to achieve our desire.” There can be multiple definitions of the word depending on our own unique interpretation, says Girard. As he shares his Daily Thoughts, “it’s believing the source inside us all has the answers to our everyday challenges.”

Faith is a necessary component to achieving success in our daily lives, whether it be positively enjoying one day at a time or achieving our greatest goals. “Everyone who achieved something great in their lives started with thinking and having faith in themselves. If you didn't have faith you wouldn't do it; you wouldn't pursue that passion or open up that business.”

Meditation is a valuable form of focus 

Meditation can be a key connector for reducing stress and aiding ourselves in practicing faith through daily affirmational prayers. “I meditate for 20 minutes every day. I have daily prayer every day,” says Girard. “Stress can be described as an overactive mind. Meditation quiets the mind. It’s tuning out the distractions and finding that space of inner peace.” 

The importance of changing our inner dialogue away from the negative can also be a huge motivator to finding our inner faith. “There’s a lot of pessimism about what’s portrayed on TV and in the media,” says Girard, “The more we get reminded of faith or reasons to be optimistic, the happier and the more peace we will be. The opposite is true if you entertain pessimism all the time.”

A quote a day can keep the negative thoughts away

Girard’s Thought for Today posts act as “daily reminders to change somebody’s perspective and make them more optimistic,” says Girard, “Many people have told me that my books have really helped them in their lives.” 

“Poetry and writing can be described as a language of the soul. It’s as beneficial to the writer as it is to the reader. When our words are used to uplift, inspire and motivate, it’s the greatest gift to give ourselves and our audience.”

A Little About Danny Girard

For years, Danny Girard’s Thought For Today has been providing thousands of subscribers with daily quotes and poetry to inspire, motivate, uplift, and spread words of faith and spirituality. Girard’s platform has also expanded to include a YouTube channel, “Mystical Minds “with over 2200 followers. In 2020, Girard published the cultivation of quotes from Thought For Today from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, and the largest Metaphysical publishing company in the USA. He is also the author of the “Poetic Cues” trilogy and has published his memoir titled “Mystical Minds.” Danny Girard can be found on Facebook and on his website