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Elevating the perception of legal cannabis in Timmins

Sessions Cannabis is educating consumers as they explore the freshly legalized, recreational world of cannabis

Timmins is often called the “town with a heart of gold.” Now, thanks to the recently opened location of Sessions Cannabis, it’s also a town rich in one of our country’s most recent, pungent commodities.  

Sessions is the second retail cannabis shop to open in the city since official legalization, offering consumers a full selection of government-approved products for both the experienced and the curious new cannabis user. Despite the changing tide of opinion, however, the historical stigma often associated with cannabis still has some people leery about these burgeoning retail operations. For that reason, the owner of Sessions has purposefully designed the store to ensure there’s a welcoming environment for first-time customers. 

“I know there are people who don’t like the stigma around weed,” said Jesse Prior, Manager and Budtender at Sessions. “Our store is brightly lit and very welcoming, with everything on display right on the floor. Our staff are charismatic, knowledgeable people. Our Budtenders are ready and able to answer all the questions that visiting cannabis consumers may have. By giving us just one opportunity, that one shot will elevate your opinion.”

Prior says legal cannabis retailers like Sessions provide a valuable service by eliminating the risks often associated with buying marijuana from unscrupulous street dealers. 

“A lot of times people wouldn’t know what they’re getting,” said Prior, a long-time Timmins resident. “Before, you really only had a choice to buy what someone was offering. When you come into a Sessions store, you get the benefits of knowledgeable staff in a comfortable and local environment, which results in a guided, more satisfying experience.”

Following legalization and the new awareness that consumers are gaining about the vast world of cannabis, more people are willing to at least educate themselves on the various types of products available. What’s the most common question asked about cannabis products by potential new consumers coming into Sessions? According to Prior, it’s all about how to use the product.

“People want to know if there are different forms of consumption than just smoking it,” he said. “There are a lot of people who don’t want to smoke it and are still wondering if it’s only used to get high. We have everything from edibles to oils. We offer many ways to enjoy recreational cannabis and its range of effects.”

Prior says an important detail for a new consumer to understand about cannabis products is the difference between THC and CBD. 

“THC is the psychoactive element that gives you the head high you feel, the kind of buzz that everyone talks about. On the other hand, CBD tends to be more body-oriented and can offer different forms of relief for the average user. We can’t make guarantees about recreational cannabis consumption, but we always aim to find the item best suited to a consumer’s needs. We offer a variety of products with varying levels of THC, CBD or both, so we tend to have an option for the many kinds of cannabis consumers.”

Much like the variety of whiskeys available at the LCBO, there are a wide variety of products made with different strains of cannabis. The options of indica, sativa, or hybrid strains of cannabis for smoking, vaporizing, or consuming in an edible form are all options at Sessions Cannabis for the of-age consumer. 

“We carry enough products to keep people interested and offer fun surprises, even for the experienced consumer. It’s a good mix.”

With tons of variety in products, and a well-stocked staff to top it off, Sessions Cannabis is hoping to keep evolving the different perceptions of cannabis this week, for the versatile plant’s international holiday, 420. A yearly “celebration”, 420 is a day for the cannabis collective to celebrate the legal evolution that cannabis has traveled on its journey through history. In the spirit of this revered holiday in the cannabis community, Sessions Cannabis is offering a range of specials at their store. Given the lockdown restrictions, there are some alterations to the ordering process, but the team is prepared and pleased to join the festivities!

To learn more, visit Sessions Cannabis at 425 Algonquin Boulevard in Park Road Square.