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An education in business doesn't have to start in a big city

What if you could earn an education in a place where life moves at your pace?

When we think about business, our minds often turn to an image of glass-clad skyscrapers, well-tailored clothing, highly competitive business deals and a jet set lifestyle.

It makes sense then, that many people feel as though an education in business requires a great pilgrimage to the land of tall towers, crowded public transit, and high intensity living. 

But what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if you could earn an education in a place where life moves at your pace? Where personal connections are valued? Where you’re on a first name basis with your professors and you attend an institution that will work tirelessly to connect you with rewarding employment opportunities that afford you a higher quality of life?

What if you went to Northern College for your studies?

Before we dig into the finer points of an education at Northern, let’s take a moment to paint a picture in your mind. 

Imagine an endless horizon of sharp pines piercing the brilliant blue horizon as far as the eye can see. Nestled amongst those pines are countless freshwater lakes and rivers bordered by breath taking trails winding through the majestic, untouched terrain for miles on end, an open invitation to adventure. Imagine finishing your classes for the day and answering the beckoning call of all of that possibility steps from your front door.

You’ll ask yourself, how lucky am I to live here?

Postcard lifestyle aside, a diploma in Business from Northern College is another reason to celebrate this new vision of your future. With six unique streams of business training available to students, Northern College’s Business and Office Administration programs can offer you the foundational and enhanced training you need to get started on your path to career and life success.

Once you successfully complete your first-year certificate in either Office Administration or Business Fundamentals with us, you can continue into a variety of second year programs including Office Administration Executive, Business Accounting, Business Marketing, Business Human Resources, Business General, and Global Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Northern offers three different 2-year diplomas: one offering a generalized understanding of Business Fundamentals, another other focusing specifically on the Accounting side of business operations and finally, one specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to find success in the competitive and exciting world of Business Marketing.

All three of these well-regarded programs can take you even further with a graduate third year certificate. The possibilities of your education in Business doesn’t stop there thanks to Northern’s strong Pathway program with Algoma University, allowing you to add an additional credential to your resume and portfolio – your bachelor degree in business.

This pathway to a university level education will you unique options to study from wherever you call home.

At Northern, they believe in barrier free learning, in an education that works for you and take inspiration from the wild possibility that surrounds us in Northeastern Ontario - a blank and beautiful canvas to paint whatever future you believe is possible. 

So ask yourself, what does the future hold for you? 

Can a diploma in Business from Northern College mark the first step on your path to an exhilarating future?

Visit for more information on what a Northern education has to offer or reach out to our admissions department at

At Northern College, we believe in and welcome you. With a score of 100% in employer satisfaction (KPI’s, 2019), we’ll move mountains to help you earn a competitive and employment driven education.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!