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Timmins Police offer long weekend safety tips

2021-10-05 TPS STOCK2 SUP

With the Victoria Day holiday weekend on the horizon, the Timmins Police Service is issuing a list of safety tips to enhance the safety of those who will be venturing out for the weekend:
    1.    Advise a trustworthy person of your destination and anticipated time and date of return
    2.    Carry a fully charged cell phone for emergency calls
    3.    Bring your safety equipment: life jackets for boating, helmets for ATV operating
    4.    Designate a licensed driver to act as the ‘driver of the day’. This person can be called upon to safely transport people back to town should the need arise
    5.    Have a complete first aid kit close at hand
    6.    Stow your food responsibly and maintain a clean campsite to avoid enticing bears
    7.    Respect any and all fire bans: they are put in place for your safety
    8.    Avoid swimming, water temperatures are still hypothermic and can cause serious issues for even the most experienced swimmer
    9.    Venturing out alone in unfamiliar areas is not recommended; hike as a group activity
    10.    Pack as though you may have to spend an extra day: extra food, water, clothing, will serve you well should something unexpected occur