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Speed calming device strategically set up in South Porcupine

2021-06-11 - TPS Speed Calming
Speed calming display unit in South Porcupine.

The Timmins Police Traffic Services Section has deployed its speed calming display unit in South Porcupine recently.  

This location was strategically chosen as a large number of motorist enter South Porcupine from the west at speeds that are not in keeping with safety expectations nor the posted speed limit.  

The intended result is to have negative driving behaviours altered so that the safety of children on bikes, senior citizens crossing the road, and traffic in general, are enhanced.  

The safety of the residents in this area depends on all drivers taking their motoring responsibilities more seriously.  

Motorists found to be in violation of the posted speed limit should not, in any way, expect a lenient response from the Timmins Police Service.  

Demerit points, hefty fines, and elevated insurance rates are easily avoidable with every driver stepping up … and slowing down.  

Traffic safety is a key priority for the Timmins Police Service that is continuously identified as a cause for concern that merits increased police attention.  

We will do our part by monitoring city streets for aggressive driving behaviour; the rest is up to the individual diver.