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Police issue traffic advisory after number of 'close calls'

2017-12- 08 Timmins Police Cruiser MH
Timmins Police cruiser. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

After a number of "close calls" at a west-end intersection, Timmins Police has issued a traffic advisory.

The area in question is the Highway 101 and Kamiskotia Road intersection.

"Based on complaints received, it appears that drivers who are approaching the intersection from either direction while on Hwy 101 are electing to overtake traffic slowing to turn left by passing these vehicles on the right by using the right turn lanes that exist to facilitate right turns," said police in a news release. 

Police are reminding drivers the right turn lanes are to either turn right onto Kamiskotia Road for westbound traffic or Government Road for eastbound traffic.

"These lanes are not to be used to facilitate the overtaking of traffic on the right," said police.

"Additionally, in certain cases, drivers have opted to leave the roadway to complete the passing of stopped traffic on the right."

This goes against the Highway Traffic Act, which says drivers cannot overtake or pass another vehicle by driving off the roadway.

"This intersection and its intended safe usage will be scrutinized by the Timmins Police Service in the course of their patrols to enhance roadway safety in this area," said police.

"Those motorists found to be in violation will have their driving behaviour addressed in a firm but fair manner by the Timmins Police."