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Discharging firearms prohibited in city limits: Police

2021-10-05 TPS STOCK SUP

The Timmins Police Service find it necessary to issue a Public Advisory in regards to the discharging of firearms within the city limits and in those areas where hunting is prohibited.

In recent days, the Timmins Police Service has responded to numerous complaints of this nature in the northwest section of the city of Timmins. In particular, calls for service are being received routinely in the Sandy Falls Road, Shirley Street North, Kraft Creek and Jaguar Road areas being identified as where the primary complaints of hunters indulging in trespassing for the purpose of hunting or shooting at migratory birds or small game on private property is occurring.

These incidents are a significant cause for concern for residents and business operators in these areas and the issue certainly merits a police response. The discharging of any firearm within city limits in general is prohibited by municipal by-law with overlapping elements of the Criminal Code being applicable in some cases.

With the above in mind, hunters or recreational gun enthusiasts are reminded of the territorial limits on such activity regarding the discharging of firearms within city limits.

As a quick reference, the Timmins Police Service recommends using the following link to ensure compliance:

The onus of being aware of your location as it relates to territorial prohibitions to any given area lies directly on the shoulders of the person who is discharging the firearm. The Timmins Police is fully acquainted with exemptions listed under section 31 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act that allow for property owners to discharge a firearm to protect against damage to the person’s property by wildlife.

Anyone with viable information in regards to such activity is asked to report the matter to the Timmins Police at 705-264-1201 or to provide their information anonymously by means of the Crime Stopper tip line at 1-800-222-8477 or online by means of