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Why we're super proud of these local students

Somebody's going to regionals!
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Secondary students from across District School Board Ontario North East had an opportunity to showcase their talents while building confidence and experience at a competition against fellow students during the Board’s annual Regional Skills Competition.

Congratulations to all participants, and thank you to our host schools, organizers and teachers.




Automotive Service Technology

RMSS – Michael Cooke – 1st Place IFSS – Kennan Lindsay – 2nd Place TDSS – Cale Cecchini – 3rd Place

Roland Michener Secondary School Organizer: Darrin Reade
March 8, 2017


EHS – Jake Stickney – 1st Place TH&VS – Joseph Floreani – 2nd Place

Englehart High School Organizer: Marc Gorecki March 6 and 8, 2017

Carpentry Individual

EHS – Brandon Margueratt – 1st Place EHS – Ben Marshall – 2nd Place TH&VS – Jared Wagner – 3rd Place

Same as above.

Carpentry Team (2)

EHS Team – 1st Place (Braydon Charland and Marshall Cudney)

TDSS Team – 2nd Place (Johnathan Acland and Trent Hearn-Stewart)

TH&VS Team – 3rd Place (Tristan Larsen and Skyler Paul)

Same as above.

Home and Team Building

EHS Team – 1st Place (Martin Geisen, Ian Holmes, Liam Stickney and Travis Cudney)

Same as above.


Home and Team Building Cont’d

TH&VS Team – 2nd Place (Justin Robinson, Riley Dodds, Cory Vandal, Kadian Harrietha)


Electrical Installations

TH&VS – Daelin Rosevear – 1st Place

Timmins High and Vocational School Organizer: Paul Pirie
March 8, 2017

Small-Powered Equipment

IFSS – Spencer Michaud-Campsall – 1st Place

TH&VS – Zach Pezzola – 2nd Place IFSS – Cole Bellemare – 3rd Place

Timmins High and Vocational School Organizer: Perry Sharp
March 8, 2017

Robotics and Control Systems Team

TH&VS Team– 1st Place (Jared Wagner, Grant Wagner, Nico Loreto, and Sam Street)

Timmins High and Vocational School Organizer: Greg Vincze
March 8, 2017


TDSS – Yanick Jacques – 1st Place TDSS – Barrett Anderson – 2nd Place

TDSS – Jerod Cecchini – 3rd Place IFSS – Brianna Whitehead – 4th Place IFSS – Naomi McMillan – 5th Place

Northern College Kirkland Lake Campus

Organizers: Wayne Clarke (IFSS), Chris Code (TDSS) and Joshua Fuller (Northern College)

March 21, 2017


Students who participated in the above events have the opportunity to advance to the Regional Qualifying Competitions held in North Bay and Sudbury, and to compete at the Skills Ontario Competition in Toronto on May 1-3, 2017.

The following competitors will advance to the Regional Qualifying Competition at Canadore College in North Bay on Saturday, Apr. 1, 2017

1. Carpentry Individual–Brandon Marqueratt (EHS)
2. Welding–Yanick Jacques (TDSS), Barrett Anderson(TDSS),and Jerod Cecchini (TDSS)

The following competitors will advance to the Regional Qualifying Competition at Cambrian College in Sudbury on Saturday, Apr. 1, 2017

1. Small Powered Equipment – Spencer Michaud-Campsall (IFSS), Zach Pezzola (TH&VS)

The Ontario Technological Skills Competition, a cornerstone event, showcases the talented youth of our province. Over 20,000 spectators converge on this three-day event to watch over 2000 of the brightest young people of this province compete in one of the over 65 skills contests offered.

The 28th Ontario Technological Skills Competition will be held from May 1-3 in Toronto, where over 65 skills contests take place.

The following students have qualified for the Provincial Skills Competition in Toronto:

  1. Auto Service Technology – Michael Cooke (RMSS)
  2. Cabinetmaking – Jake Stickney (EHS)
  3. Home and Team Building Team (4) – Travis Cudney (EHS), Martin Geisen (EHS) Ben Marshall (EHS), Liam Stickney (EHS)
  4. Carpentry Team (2) – Brayden Charland (EHS), Marshall Cudney (EHS)
  5. Electrical Installations – Daelin Rosevar (TH&VS)
  6. Robotics – Jared Wagner (THVS), Nico Loreto (THVS), Sam Street (THVS), Grant Wagner (THVS)
  7. Welding – Yanick Jacques (TDSS), Jerod Cecchini (TDSS) and Barrett Anderson (TDSS)
  8. Small Powered Equipment(TBD)
  9. Carpentry Individual (TBD)