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Where the city's removing snow this week

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Public works crews will be doing day and night snow removal this week.

According to the City of Timmins website, overnight snow removal, which is done between 9:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., will happen:

• Sunday, Feb. 11 – Shirley from Riverside to Lafleur, Power, St. Jean, and Park

• Monday, Feb. 12 – Ross and Jubilee

• Tuesday, Feb. 13 – Victoria, Brousseau, Westmount

• Wednesday, Feb. 14 – Toke, Mountjoy North, Maclean

Daytime snow removal is also scheduled and takes place from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The schedule is:

Monday, Feb. 12

• Gatineau, Timcor, Georgian, Viscount, Laurentian

• Cedar from Kirby to Ogden, Spruce from Kirby to Sterline, Dale, Ogden, and Moneta from Pine to Mountjoy

Tuesday, Feb. 13

• Richard, Christine, Marcel, Chenir, Chantal, Philip, andMaurice

• Burke, Harmony, Howard, Hart from Ross to Patricia, Patricia from Ross to Toke, Leone, Empire, and Murdock

Wednesday, Feb. 14

• Maple from Fifth to Ninth, elm from Fifth to Ninth, and Fifth Avenue

• Cherry, Kay, Toke north of Ross, Patricia north of Ross, Hart north of Ross, and Dianne

Thursday, Feb. 15

• Craig, Lillian, Norman, Paul, Louis, Vanier, Lemoyne, MacDuff, School, and Leonard

• Father Costello, Croatia from Battachio to Veterans, Vipond from Father Costello to Templeton, and Grant

Friday, Feb. 16

• Timmins north and south churches

• Dwyer, Fourth from Vipond to Boundary, Battachio, Aura Lake, Les Hall, and Hollinger

More information on the schedule, how and why it may be delayed, and city bylaws about snow placement, winter parking ban and more is available here.