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Want to have a say on the school board's executive salaries?

District School Board Ontario North East has received two comments so far
17_0427_Schumacher Inukchuk
The giant inukshuk in front of the District School Board Ontario North East building in Schumacher. Frank Giorno for TimminsToday

There is still time to have a say on the public school board’s executive compensation program.

The public consultation period for District School Board Ontario North East’s proposal is open until Dec. 31.  

So far, director of education Lesleigh Dye said two public comments have been received. Those comments, along with others submitted, will be brought back to the school board at its January meeting.

At DSBONE, the executive compensation program applies to the director of education, as well as the superintendent of business, and superintendent of schools.

There are seven levels for school boards across the province. Where a school board is classified depends on the operating budget, number of schools, teachers, enrolment, and more. Level one is for smaller boards with one to two superintendents, and Level 7 has 26 or more superintendents.

DSBONE used to be at level two and is now classified as a level three board.

“Out of the 11 boards that requested a level change, six have been approved; two within our region,” Dye said. “I think we feel fortunate that our level was approved.”

The base salary range for level three boards is: director of education, $192,000 to $237,000; associate directors, $183,000 to $192,000; and executives, $140,000 to $176,000.

“The base salary ranges were developed taking into consideration the Principal salary grids (up to the end of the 2017/2018 school year). In order to reduce the compression and attract school board employees to executive positions, we strive to maintain approximately a 5% differential between the executive minimum and the maximum Principal salaries,” reads the report.

The provincial government requires school boards to have the 30-day consultation period. After that period is closed, the feedback will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for final approval. It also has to be approved by the Board of Trustees to be implemented.

The full report on the Executive Compensation Program is available here.

You can comment on the proposal here or by emailing