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Timmins Chamber releases 'Roadmap to Prosperity' to benefit northern Ontario business

Report outlines platform commitments from national parties that address important issues facing our economy
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Today, the Timmins Chamber joined the Canadian Chamber in the release of a Roadmap to Prosperity: A Minority Parliament Guide to Economic Growth. In the lead-up to the 2019 federal election, the Chamber network presented its plan for economic growth through the Vote Prosperity platform. The Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic and Green parties all incorporated various elements from the economic plan in their own party platforms.

On Oct. 23, two days after voters re-elected a Liberal minority government, Prime Minister Trudeau stated that he would not pursue a formal or informal coalition. Instead, the Prime Minister would seek the support for legislation in the new minority Parliament on a case-by-case basis.

“How the newly formed minority government chooses to address critical issues that will shape the inheritance we leave the next generation will be top of mind for many Canadians,” said Val Venneri, president of the Chamber. “Climate change, our declining economic competitiveness, the need to build a 21st Century workforce, coping with an aging population and the inadequacy of our infrastructure, continue to remain evergreen issues for members of the Timmins Chamber.”

Given this case-by-case legislative approach, the Chamber network is providing Parliamentarians with a guide to economic growth. It will seek to address important policy measures that the government or other parties have proposed, in particular those the Canadian Chamber and the network of over 450 local chambers in every part of the country, support.

The Roadmap to Prosperity outlines platform commitments from the major, national parties that will help address important issues facing our economy and that are currently supported by the Timmins Chamber and Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Despite the divisive election campaign, there is a surprising amount of common ground the government can find with the various opposition parties in Parliament among these issues.

“No organization better understands that a stronger economy puts more money in the pockets of Canadians through higher incomes and lower unemployment. A healthy economy means more government revenues to invest in public services, infrastructure projects and environmental protection and affords Canadians a more prosperous future,” added Venneri.

“We’re pleased to see priorities of key importance to our members highlighted in the guide. Addressing unfair tax treatment of family transfers of small business, moving forward with a Municipal Nominee Program focused on attracting highly skilled workers to Timmins, and a new tax credit for graduates to work in designated rural and Northern communities, are all commitments that are supported by the Chamber network,” said Venneri.

To read Roadmap to Prosperity: A Minority Parliament Guide to Economic Growth, click here.