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Sonic Democracy working on second studio album

Release concerts coming up June 8 and 9
2018-04-13 Sonic Democracy SUP
Timmins High and Vocational School's Sonic Democracy is releasing its second studio album June 8. Supplied photo

Sonic Democracy is getting ready to drop its second full-length studio album.

The band is made up of 23 senior music students at Timmins High and Vocational School under the creative direction of teacher Barry Promane. The group is currently composing five songs for the new album called Crossroads and Dreamlands, which will be recorded at Coalition Music in Toronto next month.

“Sonic Democracy has evolved tremendously over the years in its musical sophistication and its ambition to evince professionalism through active engagement in the music industry. Crossroads and Dreamlands is an album that emblematizes the hard-work, creativity, professionalism and community support that Sonic Democracy has tirelessly sought to achieve,” said Promane in a release.

Album release concerts will be held June 8 and 9 at the William Dawson Theatre in TH&VS. They will also be performing at Stars and Thunder Tuesday, June 26.

The album will be available June 8 on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Physical copies will also be available at the band’s year-end shows.

The learning project is possible because of the TEMPO Educates Foundation and financial support from Tahoe Canada.