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Smooth Rock Falls OPP office to close

James Bay OPP Detachments realigning
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KAPUSKASING - A recent review of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachments in the North East Region identified opportunities for efficiencies and reinvestment. As a result, the OPP will be closing the Smooth Rock Falls office which forms part of the greater James Bay Detachments next month.

The OPP continuously evaluates its operations to seek efficiencies and keep policing affordable for all of the communities it serves. All involved stakeholders have been engaged in this process to identify and address any concerns prior to the implementation date, which is anticipated to be Dec. 1, 2017.

It is important to note the closure of the Smooth Rock Falls physical office will not reduce frontline policing services within Smooth Rock Falls as the OPP continues to work closely with the community to address its needs. 

Police vehicles are now equipped with mobile work stations allowing officers on patrol to complete many administrative duties from within the cruiser and thereby reducing the need to return to an office.

The OPP will continue to meet or exceed policing adequacy and effectiveness standards anywhere it serves.