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Residents want speed limit dropped

Police urge pedestrians to use crosswalks
2017-11-03 Timmins Police Building MH
The Timmins Police Service building downtown Timmins. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

Some residents at the Senator Place Apartments are finding it “very difficult” to cross Algonquin Boulevard, according to Coun. Mike Doody.

Last week, he told the Timmins Police Services Board that the people he's talked to would be more comfortable with a 50 km/hr speed limit instead of 60 km/hr.

“The traffic really moves there and I could say that it wasn’t maybe a month ago, Charlene and I were coming back from shopping at the grocery store across the street and we saw a lady who lives at the Senator apartments; I tell you she almost got hit, she tried to get across there and she actually started to run but the particular car just did not stop, it was moving,” Doody said.

Timmins Police Chief John Gauthier said council sets the rates of speed in the city.

“From an enforcement stand point, thank you for bringing that to our attention,” he said, “that’s something that we try to monitor on a regular basis.”

To slow motorists down, he said the speed warning device could be used in the area.

A couple years back, he remembers a discussion at council because people were having trouble making a left-hand turn in that area.

The issue that Doody brought up, however, is for pedestrians.

There is no cross walk at the apartments, with the closest set of lights being just east of the apartment building at Algonquin Boulevard and Highway 655.

“(The) Highway Traffic Act states that pedestrians must cross at designated crossovers. With the amount of traffic on Algonquin, we definitely urge pedestrians to use designated crosswalks,” said Kate Cantin, Timmins Police corporate communications co-ordinator.


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