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Q&A: Timmins Northern Ontario Party candidate Gary Schaap

We asked the same questions to the candidates in the Timmins riding for the June 7 provincial election. Here's what Northern Ontario Party's Gary Schaap had to say
2018-06-06 Gary Schaap MH
Northern Ontario Party candidate Gary Schaap at the Timmins Chamber of Commerce candidates' debate. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

Leaders are pushing for the creation of an Ontario natural resources strategy, what are the top priorities to help the industry prosper?

The implementation of any Northern Ontario natural resources strategy would first mean the formation of the northern ministry itself. One diversified enough to cover all aspects of our resources. Inclusive of Indigenous medicine people and others with the knowledge of edibles, a forestry division, a mining division, a permitting division, wildlife, environmental and so on, much like it is today as a whole. Duplicating the divisions and adding those that pertain to our environment, which includes the diversity of each individual riding.

A top priority is to look at the actual revenues allocated back to the north, how they are dispersed throughout the districts, the percentage north vs south, as well as percentages of such revenues designated towards our highways and community upgrading of infrastructure.

Another priority would be to look at alternatives to toxic chemicals currently being used to prevent certain growth in specific locations, such as easements, and the logging industry in particular.

If elected, what would be your first priority?

My first priority is to take a serious look at increasing government funding in two key areas where individuals are truly struggling to survive. These are ODSP and senior pensions, the Ontario Annual Income System (GAINS).

What do you want Timmins residents to know about you?

I would like the people of Timmins to know that I have a kind ear, one that is dedicated to helping the residents of Timmins whether I am elected or not. Should your elected MPP fail to help you in any regard please feel free to bring your issues to my attention. Consider my email an open door which welcomes the opportunity to hear about your concerns and struggles with the intent to help resolve them.