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Part of truck convoy reroutes, heading down Highway 11 to Cochrane

The group plans to spend the night in Cochrane and join up with the other half tomorrow in North Bay
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Demonstrators from the Freedom Convoy 2022

After arriving in Northern Ontario yesterday, part of a truck convoy protesting COVID-19 restrictions is rerouting.

The Trans-Canada Freedom Convoy left Thunder Bay this morning. 

It split in two at Nipigon and half of the trucks are rerouting to take Highway 11 to Cochrane, where they will stay overnight, according to the announcement. The other half will continue to take Highway 17 to Sault Ste. Marie, as originally planned. 

The convoy plans to join back together tomorrow in North Bay to continue on the way to Ottawa.

"Officials have been advised in both municipalities, including OPP, fire and bylaw," reads the announcement.

"Cochrane, please welcome them. They have been advised of parking and restaurant options for the evening. Many if not most, are costing this movement on their own. Thus, if you have a spare bed, room, couch or can give a meal or a shower, please do reach out and help."