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Northern Ontario company brings workplace wellness program to Timmins

Bringing health to health and safety™ is the main focus of New Day Wellness Inc.
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New Day Wellness Inc. is excited to announce that they are now providing mental health and wellness training for employees in Timmins and surrounding area.

The World Health Organization has announced that mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Canada. Additionally, the cost of a disability leave for a mental illness is 2x the cost of a leave due to a physical illness (1).

These are only two reasons why employers are struggling when it comes to productivity levels, health claims, absenteeism including moral and company loyalty. A healthy workplace culture is no longer considered a luxury benefit, but a necessity as companies are finding it difficult to not only recruit good talent, but maintain good talent.

It is also quite possible to assume that a mentally and physically fit employee is a safer employee.

Bringing health to health and safety™ is the main focus of New Day Wellness Inc., it’s founder and her team of wellness experts.

New Day Wellness Inc. is a Northern Ontario company that has been improving the wellness and safety culture for organizations for the past six years and has been responsible for improving the mental health and wellness of hundreds of employees.

“As the daughter of an immigrant worker in the mining industry, I’ve personally witnessed the dangers and risks involved when a worker is dealing with a chronic illness and how it can adversely affect the worker and their family” says Lisa Lounsbury, Founder of New Day Wellness Inc.

Although workplace wellness programs have been available to companies in the US for over 20 years and more recently in Southern Ontario, it’s still a new concept for companies in Northern Ontario.

However, the need is much greater in Northern Ontario since mental health and wellness resources become less available the further north you work.

If a company can offer their employees comprehensive mental health and wellness programs, the benefit will be felt by both the employee and their employer.

Every worker deserves the right to go home happy and healthy and it starts with a healthy workplace. At New Day Wellness Inc., our mission is to offer a common-sense approach to living a healthy well balanced lifestyle both at home and at work.

Resulting from our passion to motivate, strengthen and empower individuals, we have developed our unique P.E.A.K.™ Workplace Wellness Training Programs for every ‘body’ and every industry.

It is not just a benefit to have healthy employees, it is essential. Employee wellness is the key to corporate success and it’s important to understand that a healthy employee is a safer, more productive employee.