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Northern College organizing video interviews with alumni

The purpose of the project is to seek out how graduates felt the college experience helped them achieve their education and career goals
Northern College in Haileybury

HAILEYBURY – The Northern College Student Association at the Haileybury campus is looking to set-up video interview question and answer sessions with its alumni.

The purpose of the project is to seek out some information on how their college experience helped them to achieve their education and career goals.

“The primary angle is that we are interested to hear where their careers took them,” said Mhat Briehl, who recently was elected as student association vice president, in an email interview.

“Did they jump right into work after graduating? Did they go back to school? If so, was it a continuation of the program area they were taking at Northern or did they switch directions? Did they stay local? Did they have the opportunity to travel abroad? What other interesting experiences did they have that were made possible because of the education they received at Northern College?”

The secondary angle, Briehl said, is to look at what college life was like back when the alumni attended the school. 

“Some questions we might ask would be along the lines of: what was their favourite part of attending Northern College? What sort of community lived within the walls of the college? What extra-curricular activities were available for students to participate in? What were some of the popular hangout spots in town? We are hoping to use the interviews to entice prospective students into this beautiful northern area whilst encouraging current students with positive material,” said Briehl.

He said that the association would also like to make connections within the greater community, “with hopes of uniting our elders with some of the younger generations.”

“In time of great isolation, it is so important that we are able to reach out and connect with others in our community,” he stressed.

“I personally believe this project has the potential to create a positive relationship with many people who live in the area (or who have moved away) and reflect on achievements and their unique experience. Our objective is to show students how endless the possibilities are once graduated and how many opportunities can arise once a Northern College Credential is achieved.”

The student association would like to do the Q & A video interviews with those who attended the college 30-plus years ago, however, they would still be happy speaking with more recent graduates as well (10+ years).

“I was drawn to post an article in The Speaker newspaper because I know a lot of the older generations either do not have access to digital media, do not understand – or are limited in their understanding- of how the internet works, or have no interest in using the internet,” said Briehl. 

“I wanted to reach out to members of our community in a tangible platform that is familiar and that would be accessible to all. Having said that, I should note that we are also using digital platforms to connect with more tech-savvy alumni. We are considering making a community announcement on the radio, however, that has not yet been finalized.”

If you’re interested in being part of the Northern College alumni Q & A video interviews, you can contact Briehl at 705-542-2357 or via email at

- Jamie Mountain, Local Journalism Initiative, Temiskaming Speaker

About the Author: Jamie Mountain

Jamie Mountain is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter working out of the Temiskaming Speaker
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