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Man charged with human trafficking, other related offences

The incidents are alleged to have happened earlier this year
2017-11-03 Timmins Police Building2 MH
The Timmins Police Service building downtown Timmins. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

The Timmins Police Service has charged a local man with a number of “human trafficking” related offences stemming from a comprehensive investigation undertaken by its Criminal Investigations Division.

Timmins Police Service – Criminal Investigations Division officers have completed a thorough investigation where a series of intimidation based “human trafficking” offences involving a woman are alleged to have been committed over a period of time spanning from late March to late April of this year.

As a result of this investigation, and working in collaboration with Victim’s Services Timmins, Michael Small, 28, of Timmins, has been charged with:

  • trafficking in a person contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  • two counts of procuring contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  • benefitting materially from sexual services contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  • withholding or destroying documents in relation to trafficking in a person contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada

The accused remains in custody based on a remand order issued at his bail hearing. He is required to attend at Provincial Court (video remand) in Timmins on May 10 at 2 p.m. to answer to the charges laid against him.

This investigation demonstrates the overall effectiveness of the Anti-Human Trafficking campaign undertaken by the Timmins Police Service in conjunction with Victim’s Services Timmins in 2018.

The significant efforts put forth during this campaign focused on prevention of Human Trafficking though extensive public education, offence trait awareness, and prevention initiatives.