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LU awards $34M campus modernization tender

Laurentian Universty's board of governors has awarded the $34-million tender for its campus modernization project to Cy Rheault Construction.
A tender for a $34-million modernization of Laurentian University's campus was recently awarded to Cy Rheault Construction. Supplied photo.
Laurentian Universty's board of governors has awarded the $34-million tender for its campus modernization project to Cy Rheault Construction.

Cy Rheault Construction has previously carried out work on the first phase of the Laurentian University School of Architecture (2013) and renovations to Single Student Residence (2014).

The preliminary phase of campus modernization was carried out earlier this year by Sudbury-based Prosperi Construction Company Ltd. with renovations to the Science Building, which included construction of the new DNA lab, as well as renovations to the School of Education.

Work will begin immediately on the renewal of the Alphonse Raymond building, which has been closed since September. The building, which houses the University’s École des sciences de l’éducation, will be given a new entrance, as well as new classrooms and offices. The building will also be made fully accessible.

The Alphonse Raymond work is expected to be complete in the summer of 2015.

The modernization project represents a major renewal for Laurentian’s Sudbury campus. The project will entail new construction, as well as upgrades and renovations to nine campus buildings over the next two years, with scheduled completion by December 2016.

Major work to be carried out under the Campus Modernization program includes:

-Renewal of the Alphonse Raymond building
-Improvements to more than 20 classrooms and 10 teaching labs
-Construction of a “front-door” Welcome Centre
-Re-design creating centralized ”One Stop” Student Services
-Construction of the Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre
-Construction of University Club (Fraser Building)
-Creation of the Executive Learning Centre (Fraser Building)

“We’re going to see construction trailers and fencing on campus for the next couple of years, but by managing the project in stages we’ll be able to work through it,” said Brad Parkes, executive director of facility services, in a press release.

“The work schedule will allow us to maintain our critical mass of classrooms and offices while parts of campus are under renovation.”

“We are looking ahead to the next 50 years, and we are excited about the scope and the vision of this transformative program,” said Laurentian University president Dominic Giroux.

“We are confident the planned projects will serve to enhance the student experience at Laurentian, while achieving several of the targeted outcomes in our Strategic Plan.”

“All of the projects under Campus Modernization go toward making our facilities better for students, faculty and staff,” said vice-president of administration Carol McAulay.

“With the classroom improvements, for example, we will be re-designing some of the old lecture-theatre rooms to create more ‘flat-floor’ classrooms. This will give us more flexibility to accommodate diverse modes of teaching and learning.”

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