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LETTER: Reader pitches location for supervised consumption site

He suggests the former Confederation Arena and has a number of reasons for it
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With the CIty of Timmins backing a supervised consumption site, and committing over $1 million for a temporary site, TimminsToday received this letter about a suggested location for the facility. No location has been publicly announced for the site.

I’m writing this letter to give some possible insight on where the City of Timmins can achieve their goal on having a home for (a supervised consumption site).

In 2021 Dr. Bellemare and company presented to Timmins council a program to help opioid users. Their ideas were sound and upfront and committed to resolve the crisis this city is experiencing.

From my understanding from Dr. Bellemare's presentation they were devoting themselves to treat and take care of these residents. One heck of a commitment. Kudos to the team.

It is also my understanding that they were asking the city to commit to this plan. The mayor and council were behind them 100 per cent. If I understood the city’s plan was to help them with some kind of home.

Having experienced the results of where the Living Space has located this caused many residents displeasure of inclusion of the location. Pretty much downtown!

My idea of a possible place to house the (supervised consumption site) could be the former Confederation Arena and here are some of the positive spin-offs:

  • city-owned
  • location is not as populated
  • no loss on taxes
  • still accessible to downtown
  • can be engineered to house these people
  • finding a home for existing tenants easier
  • can expand in the future

In closing my heart goes out to the people in crisis and to Dr. Bellemare and group.

Concerned resident,

Bob Lavigne

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