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Hardrock Animal Hospital aims to be regional treatment centre for animals

Hardrock Animal Hospital, formerly Algonquin Animal Hospital opened its doors on Tuesday as a larger multi-faceted animal hospital at a new location on the corner of Third Avenue and Mountjoy Street South

Hardrock Animal Hospital, formerly Algonquin Animal Hospital opened its doors on Tuesday as a larger multi-faceted animal hospital at a new location on the corner of Third Avenue and Mountjoy Street South in Timmins.

Mayor Stephen Black and Noella Rinaldo, Councillor for Ward 5, and also the executive director of the Downtown Timmins Business Improvement Association, were on hand help Hardrock Animal Hospital owner Dr. Kim Landers and Hospital Manager Debbie St. Louis cut the ribbon to officially open the animal care facility.

“I am pleased to present the Hardrock Animal Hospital with this certificate of recognition for the grand opening,” said Mayor Black to Dr. Landers as he presented her with the certificate.

“You have a beautiful facility,” Mayor Black added. “It looks really great and I hope to get a tour of the rest of the building.”

Hardrock Animal Hospital has increased its employees to three vets and 11 employees in total according to Debbie St. Louis the Hardrock Animal Hospital Manager.

Dr.  Landers explained why the former Algonquin Animal Hospital, which was located on Algonquin Blvd. West, near the Shopper’s Drug Mart, became the Hardrock Animal Hospital and moved to Third Avenue and Mountjoy Street South.

“We were just ready to expand into a new location and bring in more diagnostic and treatment technology for clients and our service area has also been increasing so we really needed additional space,” Dr. Kim Landers the owner of the Hardrock Animal Hospital.

“And we now are a multi vet practice and can offer better service to our clients and their pets and animals,” Dr. Landers added. “We increased from two to three vets.”

“Also we have now have the capability for caring for a larger animal like a horse who needs to be treated in the hospital instead of us going to the farm to care for it,” Dr. Landers explained.

The Hardrock Animal Hospital  is located in Timmins, but its service area includes Chapleau, Cochrane, Kirkland Lake and other northeastern Ontario communities.

“In time, we hope to serve as regional treatment centre for pets and animals,” said Debbie St. Louis, the manager of the Hardrock Animal Hospital.

“Communities like Kirkland Lake and Cochrane have vets and they provide excellent service,” St. Louis added. “But in situations where complex treatment or surgery is required, we will be here to assist them, and the pet and animal owners, so they don’t have to out of region to get help.”

The facility has the latest in veterinary medicine and technology.

The facility is also dog and cat friendly with units for each animal. The hospital has an isolation unit for treating infected animals.

The Hardrock Animal Hospital has surgery rooms, treatment rooms and recovery cages for the animals.

They have a dentistry unit and recently purchased ultra sound equipment, a therapy laser and a heat sensitive camera that registers an animal’s body heat to detect areas of soreness in an animal.

And according to hospital manager Debbie St. Louis, the Hardrock also has facilities to shampoo an unfortunate cat or dog that has been sprayed by a skunk.

The Hardrock Animal Hospital also has a stable for accommodating an injured or sick horse or other large animal that needs to be treated at the animal hospital or quarantined.

Depending on the health issue facing a pet, animals can be kept from 24 hours to four days for observation, treatment, surgery and recovery.

“It’s great to this animal hospital service in downtown Timmins at this great new location,” said Mayor Black. “I know that my children and I have been watching the building being built over the last several months and wondering what would be housed in it.”

 “It is a great looking building and great news for the city of Timmins to have Hardrock Animal Hospital thriving in the downtown area,” he added.

Frank Giorno

About the Author: Frank Giorno

Frank Giorno worked as a city hall reporter for the Brandon Sun; freelanced for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. He is the past editor of and the newsletter of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers.
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