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Fraud attempt on local business

Police warn of fraud attempts via email
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The Timmins Police Service is advising the public, particularly businesses, about a recent fraud attempt on a local business.

On May 16, an employee of a local business received an email from what appeared to be the company’s president, requesting that she complete an invoice payment for a significant amount of money. As the request was not out of the ordinary, the employee complied with the request, only realizing the fraud attempt after receiving an email from the actual company president questioning the transaction.

Fortunately, the transaction was reversed, and the fraud was not completed.

Police are reminding the public to always verify the sender’s email address, even though the sender’s name may be familiar. Suspects are now creating email addresses with employee names, very similar to the employees’ true email addresses. Taking extra steps to verify small details in electronic correspondence can help to prevent significant fraud from taking place.