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Charlie calls for action on housing in Timmins

Seeks national commitment on housing crisis
Charlie Angus - 05-01-2017
File photo of MP Charlie Angus

OTTAWA – Yesterday in the House of Commons, Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus called for immediate federal action on housing. “In Timmins right now we have from 800 to 1,000 homeless people in a city of 45,000.”

“The homeless shelter is over capacity, the city is working full out, and the Native Friendship Centre is working full out. All hands are on deck in our community, but we need a national commitment on this systemic problem.”

Angus’ comments come on the heels of the Liberal government’s housing spokesman, Toronto MP Adam Vaughan, backtracking on his claim that Liberal housing efforts had helped one million Canadians, saying that they had been made “for a rhetorical advantage.”

Angus pushed back, saying “What is the ‘rhetorical advantage’ to people who need a place to live in my community right now because of this government’s inaction?”

Angus spoke in favour of an NDP motion on Thursday to strengthen the federal government’s commitments to housing with 500,000 new units of social housing in the next budget.

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