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Arkells have a little fun, share the stage with fans (2 photos)

Security guard sings with the band

It’s not every day you get to strum a guitar or belt out Whitney Houston with the Arkells in front of thousands of people.

That’s exactly what Ryan Jolicoeur and Omar Peters got to do Saturday night in Timmins on day seven of the 2018 Stars and Thunder music festival.

The Hamilton band’s performance was high energy and interactive from the start, and by the third song they had someone from the audience on stage.

Jolicoeur was the lucky fan to pick up a guitar with the band.

Moments after getting off stage at the first Arkells concert he’s been to, he said it was awesome.

“I play a little bit of acoustic here and there, but I knew when I was up there that the guitar wasn’t plugged in,” he laughed. “It was a good time regardless, it was fun.”

Peters has been working security at the front of the Stars and Thunder stage all week.

When the Arkells launched into I Wanna Dance with Somebody for their encore, he couldn’t help but move a little.

“I was literally tapping my foot…and singing along because I like Whitney Houston. And (Max Kerman) pointed at me at first, then he’s like ‘come here, man, come’,” said Peters after the performance.

After singing a few notes on the ground from the front of the stage, Peters went up to sing and have a little fun.

“That was dope, I never knew who they were until today,” he said. “It was amazing…now I’m a fan.”

The Arkells shared the moment on their Instagram, calling him the real star of the show.



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