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Almost 300 lbs of food donated to South Porcupine Food Bank in September

Donors also gave more than $8,000
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The South Porcupine Food Bank Inc. (SPFB) thanks all our supporters! We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated in September 2020 a total estimated 298 lbs of food and $8,310 including:
    •    Timmins Gaming OLG Bingo donated $2,059
    •    Timmins Tuners donated $2,655 and 120 lbs of food and Natasha Gaudet of Allstate Insurance – Timmins Agency donated $1,000 at Narduzzi Restaurant Car Show
    •    Timmins Consumer Survivors Network donated $1,000
    •    Bible Fellowship Assembly donated $500 and Abundant Grace Ministries $25
    •    UWCNEO provided $250 as part of an Area Grant
    •    Food bins at Food Basics and Porcupine Mall provided 105 lbs of food
    •    Canadian On-Line Giving Foundation donated $14
    •    Miscellaneous income of $55 and food bank clients donated $42
    •    Other individuals combined donated 73 lbs of food and $710

SPFB provided to our clients in September, 13 Litres of freshly picked beans, beets and carrots from two community garden plots at Northern College. SPFB shared PC gift cards (142 of $25) and Farm-to-Fork Market $ (9 bundles of $75 and 36 bundles of $30) with our clients. In addition, Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins donated 10 large Good Food Boxes ($200 value).

SPFB has been serving those in need in Timmins and area since 1987, is operated by volunteers, with monthly operating costs in 2019 averaging $6,325. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, we served a monthly average of 198 people (137 adults and 61 children).

In September through collaborative efforts with Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins and UWCNEO, 112 people received home food deliveries and additional clients received home food deliveries through collaborative efforts with Timmins Native Friendship Centre.