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A downtown building has a new name (9 photos)

Michael JJ Doody Centre of Excellence honours longtime municipal politician

Mike Doody never set out to have his name on building. 

Downtown Timmins, the facility housing the museum and Timmins Economic Development Corporation has a new name to honour one of the longest serving members of council. 

In a ceremony today, the sign for the Michael J.J. Doody Centre of Excellence was officially unveilled. 

“You don’t really think that’s ever going to happen, you don’t look for things like that to happen, but I’m extremely thankful and grateful and really it boggles the mind, but I’m so pleased to be able to have my family with me here today to see this," said Doody after the ceremony.

He also acknowledged his wife.

"It’s just a tremendous honour and not just for me, but for Charlene — who she was the wife at home while I was out trying to save the world. And she just did a fabulous job with our children, we’ve been very fortunate,” he said.

Along with Doody's family, friends, coworkers, and former council members filled a section of Second Avenue for the ceremony.

One of the lessons Perry Doody told the crowd he's learned from his dad is to work hard and be kind along the way. 

As he drove around town yesterday, he noted some of the names on city facilities — Bozzer, Salvador, Delvillano, Power. 

“And now my dad’s name is up there. And I was thinking what makes those individuals special? And I think Mr. Bisson hit on it, is that nobody goes in 50 years ago thinking they’re going to have a day like this. But it’s longevity, it’s resiliency, it’s commitment to a better community,” he said.

During his tenure on council, Doody became known for his visits to city staff.

CAO Dave Landers said Doody's 'parish visits' are sorely missed.

“Michael would come in and it would be not to tell us what to do, not to tell us what was going on, but to find out how we were doing as city staff. To find out how everybody was that day, how their family was doing and to give some support and guidance as we needed it. It’s something that you don’t see often," he said. 

Renaming the building came about last year. 

The final act of the previous term of council approved the change at what was Doody's final meeting as a municipal councillor. 

Doody was a founding member of the museum and the economic development corporation.

Originally from Quebec, he moved to Timmins in 1959 for a job at the radio station. He started his municipal political career in the early '70s, and even served a term as mayor. 

He ran for re-election in the 2018 municipal election, but was unsuccessful in his bid. 

Retirement, he said, is going good and he's still sitting on a few committees. 


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